LF iPanel AQUA MNR Black (3000K)

Excellent for home, office, retail lighting. One of best selling items. TOP Quality (CITIZEN LEDs). Many mounting ways - only 9mm thickness. Only 9,5W of power. Efficacy over 100lm/W.


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Data sheet

Light colorWarm white (3000K)
Light angle90&deg
CRI (Ra)min. 80
Luminous flux [Lm]806
Rated power9,5W
Supply VoltageCC: 26V - 28V
Supply CurrentCC (Constant Current) max. 350mA
Dimensions in mm136x136x100
Light sourceIntegrated PowerLED (service possible)
Life spanmin. 100 000h (23 years of 12h/day work)
IP gradeIP54
Mounting wayDedicated mount system (included)
Case materialAcrylic glass
Warranty5 years
Casing colorBlack

More info

Fixture is only 9mm thick. It is made of acrylic glass with glossy surface.

The iPanel has enlighted hundreds of homes, shops and offices. It is extremely reliable lamp. It ensures perfect design, efficacy and no maintenance costs during its lifetime. This is the best offer of larger areas lighting.


The iPanel has many WAYS OF MOUNT:

Standard - with very strong double side adhessive tape included. The most common and easy way of mount the iPanel fixture. The mount surface has to provide a place for cable inside.

MNA (eng. CCM) - Concrete Ceiling Mount - when there is a concrete ceiling/wall and no possibility to put cable and power supply. You are provided with a ceiling mount-box to put everything inside. The box is of identical dimensions and colour as iPanel. With concrete ceiling You can still have iPanel.

MNR (eng. RCCM) - Regulated CCM - CCM + joint to regulate the direction.

MP (eng. SM) - Screw Mount. Mount using two through-holes and screws (3 or 4mm)

MWS (eng. SRM) - Spring Recessed Mount - using included springs to mount in a 90mm hole (just lika a halogen fixture)

MWL (eng. FFM)  - Frame Flat Mount - mount using a frame (which has to be mount first) fitted to 12mm thick sheetrock

MWR (eng. RRM) - Regulated Recessed Mount - with a joint included. Mount base mount to ceiling as in MWS (SRM) and the iPanel connected to base by a joint. This provides a wide regulation of direction/tilt. Very modern look.

Each mount way and its drawing You can find in the datasheet.


Connecting and powering the iPanel

iPanel requires constant current LED power supply of 350mA. You will find all suitable power supplies in our offer.

The lamp contains 9 LED light sources of approx. 1W power each. We use only Worlds best CITIZEN LED light sources.

Each fixture can be supplied/driven separately or connected together in every configuration with respect to following rules:

Parameters of fixture: max. current: 350mA*; voltage 27 - 28V. Max Power: 9,5W. Constant Current Power Supply. You will find suggested power supplies below.


*The user must always use suitable Constant Current power supplies. The output current of a CC power supply cannot exceed the max. current of a light source. Lower currents will give You less light output, but bigger lifetime and efficacy.

Light sources/fixtures must be connected together in series and the power supply must be chosen with the right ouput current (not higher than max. current) and output voltage range containing the voltage of connected fixtures. Series connection of multiple light sources always means the same current as single source, but multiplying the voltage range of single light source. i.e. if You connect two light sources of max 350mA current and 27V each - the series connection will require still 350mA max, but 54V overall voltage.


Using dimmable power supplies is possible with respect to all driving/power supply rules. Some of them You can find below.

Never use other type of power supply than pointed in the instruction. It may cause damage to light sources.


!!! CAUTION !!! Always ask a professional to mount and connect the circuits. Remember that dealing with 230V by amateur can be fatal!

Never power up CC power supply when the output circuit is opened or not connected at all. If it happens (i.e. You connected to 230V and there is no reaction) - unplug the power supply from 230V and after that - short circuit the output cables or clamps to discharge the voltage created between them as it can be too high (and harmful) for the light sources. Then make sure to close the circuit in the right way and retry connecting the power supply to 230V grid.

Above means that You must not also connect powered/working CC power supply to any light source. It may cause damage to the light source. Always connect all circuit first.


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iPanel AQUA MNR Black (3000K)

iPanel AQUA MNR Black (3000K)

Excellent for home, office, retail lighting. One of best selling items. TOP Quality (CITIZEN LEDs). Many mounting ways - only 9mm thickness. Only 9,5W of power. Efficacy over 100lm/W.


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